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about dimur

"DIMUR "---- a world-class professional supplier of cleaning equipment. The company focus on its sales of related products and services to full-service concept for the support, to the automotive, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, shipbuilding, electricity, subways, airports, food, paper, electronics, textile / dyeing,,, machinery manufacturing, hardware, hotels, construction, municipal and other industries, providing cleaning equipment, dust-free dry grinding, the central dust collection system, waste gas treatment equipment series, including mechanical and electrical equipment and products. 
We are continuously developing a higher goals demands on themselves in order to continuously improve their own management style, to mention the ability and level of customer service, while strongly advocating the building of brand strategy in order to continuously promote the industry and the company's own health and sustainable development. 
We pay attention to every customer made a request and give full consideration to every detail. We are actively doing a good job services, and efforts to open up wider, more distant vision, through the unremitting efforts, the industry has won a good reputation. All this has been an inspiration to us to better serve our customers. 

We - "DIMUR" moment with you with in!